24 January 2022, Karachi – Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan Limited (SCBPL) has entered in a partnership with Haball, Pakistan’s first B2B Fintech with the aim to digitize supply chain collections for its clients and bring efficiencies in clients’ business processes.

SCBPL recognizes that digital connectivity is a catalyst for business growth. Through partnerships, deals and collaboration, SCBPL will continue to invest in and accelerate digital offerings, working hand-in-hand with leading fintech innovators to foster fresh ideas throughout the markets. The collaboration aims to build an enabling environment to increase the uptake of digital payments using institutional vehicles. This will create digital financial inclusion in the distribution and retail space in Pakistan. Haball is the first Fintech in Pakistan to be associated with SCBPL, supported by a goal of enabling efficiency and growth in supply chain for large corporates with faster transactions.

Haball is currently working with clients of the Bank in multiple industry verticals to digitize their value chain collections, down to the retailer leg. Its services allow manufacturers and service providers to effectively reduce the reliance on cash-based transactions and automate the reconciliation process. Haball has- augmented the adoption of digital payments and continues to contribute to the digital economy.

Standard Chartered is pleased to partner with Haball Pvt. Ltd. Technology is an enabler, and partnerships between fintechs and banks can create opportunities that neither party could deliver alone. Our partnership with Haball will enable corporates to effectively digitize their order-to-collections cycle, while providing end-to-end visibility across the value chain, through a truly bank agnostic solution.

Shiraz Hyder, Head of Transaction Banking, SCBPL

This partnership builds the corporate trust that supply chain stakeholders need to process payments digitally. It further drives ahead Standard Chartered’s commitment towards creating a sustainable digital infrastructure for financial services in Pakistan.

Omer Bin Ahsan, CEO and Founder, Haball

Haball is a B2B Fintech, digitizing supply chain and business payments for large corporations and institutions. Its cloud based, agnostic platform enables corporate finance, corporate sales, distributors and retailers to digitally engage with supply chain especially with ordering, invoicing, shipment, payment and financing. The platform agnostically manages digital payment channels and shariah compliant financing so that supply chain stakeholders can make payments from the digital channels of their choice.

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