Karachi, August 10th, 2023 — Haball, the leading provider of digital supply chain payments solutions, and Hutchison Ports Pakistan, the operator of deep-water terminal in Pakistan, in collaboration with Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan, have signed an agreement for Automation and Digitalisation of Payments. The signing ceremony was held at the Hutchison Ports Pakistan office, Karachi.

Through this partnership, Haball’s digital payments platform will enable Hutchison Ports Pakistan to receive payments from the customers 24×7.

“We are excited to collaborate with Standard Chartered to digitalise the terminal ports payments in Pakistan. This partnership will help to improve the efficiency and transparency of the payments process in the shipping industry which directly impacts imports and exports in the country, thereby improving efficiency in the economy.”

– Omer Bin Ahsan, CEO of Haball

“Driving innovation in Pakistan is at the heart of our business strategy and we have been steadily investing to expand our digital offerings through in-house solutions as well as creating partnerships with Fintech providers to better serve our clients’ requirements. We are optimistic about this partnership and hope it will be instrumental in enhancing liquidity and digitalizing the collections process for Hutchison Ports Pakistan.”  

– Shiraz Hyder, Head, Transaction Banking Standard Chartered Bank

Changsu Kim, General Manager & Head of Business Unit of Hutchison Ports Pakistan lauded the efforts of its partners in the digitalisation process and said

“We are proud to accelerate our local digitalisation efforts as also part of our global startegy of innovation and leading change, these solutions will provide our customers and stakeholders greater ease and access in their dealings. As leading port opertaors we continue to provide pioneering solutions and technologies and lead from the front”

– Changsu Kim, General Manager & Head of Business Unit of Hutchison Ports Pakistan

This partnership is a significant step forward in the digitalisation payments in the shipping industry in Pakistan. It will help improve efficiency, transparency, and security in the payments process, while providing customers the ease of transacting through any banking channel of their choice.