December 22, 2020 – Karachi: State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Deputy Governor Sima Kamil said on Tuesday that the central bank is committed to digitizing corporate supply chains in order to help achieve the goal of digital financial inclusion.

It is the overarching aim of the State Bank to ensure a safe and secure financial system. The other role that we have is financial inclusion. What we want is to reduce cash and promote financial inclusion through digitization

Sima Kamil Deputy Governor – SBP during Cashless Supply Chain 2020, organized by Haball

The deputy governor noted that the majority of supply chains in Pakistan, whether in rural or urban areas, from manufacturer to distributor to end customer, are cash and paper-based.

This makes the economy undocumented and ineffective for all players. So it is in the interest of the country to have entities like Haball that would assist in [introducing] paperless regime.

Sima Kamil Deputy Governor – SBP during Cashless Supply Chain 2020, organized by Haball

Corporate supply chains have been a big challenge for the central bank, she said, adding that due to the presence of cash, synergies between digital financial services and corporate supply chain actors carry immense potential for digital financial inclusion.

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